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Hosted by Christian Media & Arts Australia

Christian Media & Arts Australia exists to empower members and Christians in media to have a greater impact for Christ.

Established for 40 years, the CONNECT Media Conference is the premier gathering for leaders and practitioners in all forms of media, from film and TV to radio, digital and social media.

CONNECT Conference is focussed on helping increase the reach and influence of those in media through raising the bar of excellence and encouraging greater collaboration.

Day 1: Media Symposium (Limited Capacity)
Day 2: Main Conference
Day 3: Main Conference inc the Excellence in Media Awards Dinner
Day 4: CONNECT Unpacked Masterclasses


“My understanding of Christian media globally has begun.”

“CONNECT provided the ability to network with a wide range of people in the Christian Media sector.”

“Loved seeing what God is doing in Australia and the unity and desire to bring His message to the culture in new ways.”

“It’s not often you go to a conference where you start in a time of worship, prayer and devotion – WOW! Putting God first before starting the conference each day set each day perfectly to hear from God and align the learnings to our individual organisations and roles.”

“Making small changes to what we do as an organisation can have a big impact. I felt challenged at CONNECT to think this through and how we can implement this philosophy in real and practical ways.”

“Great connecting with different people from the industry and inspiring sessions to help my personal development.”