2018 Media Symposium

The approaching cultural storm.

From the 1960’s to the 1990’s, Christian media in the Western world - and in the USA in particular experienced its greatest growth, developing a style and approach appropriate to its time. Over the past 25 years we have seen enormous change in Western culture.

The challenge we face now is how Christian media and its firmly established ministries, leaders and platforms will respond to these cultural shifts, in order to stay connected to those we are seeking to reach.

In many ways, Australia has been at the forefront of intense cultural diversity, with not all of it good. As a result Australian Christian media has needed to create its own respected footprint in an increasingly secular and religiously diverse nation.

Dwayne Jeffries and Mel Wade will host the 2018 Media Symposium where leaders and practitioners from Christian Media in Australia will join with fellow International counterparts. The purpose this year is to take a closer look at what we define as “The approaching cultural storm.” We will consider what the world may look like in the next decade and moderate discussion on how we should navigate these rough seas ahead.

Cultural Storm Approaching

Guest speakers include:

Alexy Vlasikhin

Alexey Vlasikhin

Program Manager, FEBC Russia’s Radio TEOS station.
Rick Dunham

Rick Dunham

Chief Executive Officer, Dunham & Company
Stephen O'Doherty

Stephen O'Doherty

Chair of the CMAA Board, Hope Media and Presenter, Open House
Dr Arnie Cole

Dr. Arnie Cole

CEO, Back to the Bible
Simon Smart

Phil Cooke

Filmmaker, Writer, and Media Consultant
Sam Dewhurst

Sam Dewhurst

Founder, Monostory