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The CONNECT Media Symposium is a 4-hour live conversation seeking to enhance thinking, leadership and positive change for members and Christians in media.

Movements such as #metoo are drawing new attention to the way women are treated in business, media and the arts. Across industries and economies the benefits of having more women in leadership are being quantified. 

Given the biblical mandate for inclusive communities it is perhaps unsurprising that data now shows significant business, economic and social benefits from greater diversity and gender inclusion. 

In this cultural moment CMAA is inviting members to join a leading conversation toward greater gender inclusion and diversity in our sector.

After all, if any community should be concerned about living out the Kingdom values of equitable and just partnerships between women and men it should be the Christian media community!

But are we as informed as we should be? Are we ready to ask some hard questions, transform our thinking and in turn be part of a cultural solution?

By fostering an inclusive workplace, we draw people to the God of love; of hope; of inclusion; of welcome, plus, it simply makes bottom line business sense.

As stated by Gallup, gender inclusion and diversity “is vital to any workplace. Not just because it’s a laudable goal; it simply makes bottom-line business sense.” Gender-diverse business units are highly engaged and given men and women have different viewpoints, ideas, and market insights, which enables better problem solving – financial performance improves dramatically as a result.

Forbes has discovered similar positive benefits with “organisations with women holding at least 30% of leadership roles are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained, profitable growth.”

Additional benefits also range from widening talent pools, greater team problem solving and improved reputation to increased engagement and performance, greater representation of your target audience/customer base and improved staff retention.

Hosted by CONNECT Women and facilitated by Nick Ingram, the 2019 CONNECT Symposium aims to help bring greater clarity to the value, benefits and importance of diversity and gender inclusion in Christian organisations.  The Symposium will also provide attendees with direction to help assist them in leading/mentoring and supporting their organisations toward greater diversity and gender inclusion.

Some of the questions the Symposium and attendees will seek to address are:

• Given women and men have been created as equal partners to bring Glory to God – how do we as Christian organisations model healthy harmonious work places; where women and men are treated equally; where we actively seek to mentor more women in sectors which have been more traditionally male dominated and model leadership opportunities for both genders?

• The body of Christ is ONE (cohesion) by definition. Many parts of the body are not well represented – women, Indigenous Australians, people living with a disability. We are called to be the body of Christ so that society can be transformed. What do we need to do to transform ourselves?

So why should you come and be part of the Symposium?

• I don’t understand the value of ‘equity’ to my organisation and mission.

• I do understand the benefits of gender inclusion and diversity – but have no idea how to build it.

• I want to learn how to develop a proactive People and Culture unit in my organisation which assumes that inclusion and diversity make for a better, more engaged, more collaborative workplace.

• I want to create an organisation where people want to work because of our workplace culture of inclusion, fairness and diversity.

• I would be a little fearful about attending, because our organisation is so far behind the eight ball on this issue – so I feel I need to be there to know how to make a start in seeing change.

• I want to be part of making a positive difference for this and future generations of Christians in media and media/charity organisations


Booking for a group? Contact conference@mediaarts.org.au for a special deal.