Alexey Vlasihin

Program Manager, FEBC Russia’s Radio TEOS station.

Alexey Vlasikhin

Alexey leads the programming team at FEBC Russia’s Radio TEOS to ensure FEBC’s content meets listeners’ needs in a creative and compelling way. Working hand in hand with Russian believers, Alexey and his team supports the Russian church by inviting pastors to their programs and encouraging listeners to become part of a body of local believers. Growing up in the family of a KGB officer, Alexey became a Christian when he was 16. He became very active in his church: preaching, home groups, Bible studies, youth ministry. In 1999 Alexey graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University where he studied political science. In 2002 he earned a Master's Degree in church history from the Evangelical Seminary of St. Petersburg, where he also currently teaches. He is also the minister of an evangelical church. FEBC Russia’s Radio TEOS is actively involved in community development, supporting foster care and adoption, as well as drug rehab centers. Alexey’s programming goes outside the studio, including conducting training seminars, offering concerts and special church services, and helping kids living on the streets. In addition, FEBC Russia/ Radio TEOS provides phone consultations for people in crises. Alexey is married to Natalia who is a psychologist and family counsellor, and also a frequent participant in FEBC radio programs. Alexey and Natalia have two children: a son Vsevolod and daughter Ekaterina.

FEBC Russia’s response to persecution preventing AM license renewal Recent changes to Russia’s evangelical laws meant FEBC’s license to broadcast on AM radio in St. Petersburg and Moscow was not renewed last year. Ironically, the news came as FEBC Russia was reviewing its Strategic Plan in Moscow to determine how to implement a gradual switch from AM to FM, online, mobile app and satellite broadcasting over the next three years. These newer channels prove to be even more effective and efficient but the challenge was the government shutdown forced a three-year transition to take place in one month! FEBC Russia has always been working on a strategic plan to reach even more people with the Gospel. In some ways, this news simply sped up the implementation of this plan. Today, more than half the people who listen to radio in Russia listen online or by using cell phone apps. FEBC-Russia has more than 100,000 regular online/cell phone listeners. Current reports are showing that the switch to FM, online and mobile app has not only enabled them to retain their audience of 250,000 in St. Petersburg, but increase it throughout the country.

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