Lyall Mercer

Managing Director, Mercer PR

Lyall Mercer

A former journalist with over 20 years’ experience in media and public relations, Lyall started Mercer PR in 2010. Mercer PR is trusted by some of Australia’s most respected companies, organisations and industry groups to manage their public messages, achieve real outcomes and develop proactive media strategies. Specialising in corporate communications and media engagement, Mercer PR has earned a reputation across the corporate, political, legal, faith-based and non-profit sectors that is captured in these four words – competence, results, trust and confidence.

Lyall is highly regarded as a specialist in communications, media strategy and issues management and is certified with the Institute for Crisis Management in the United States.

Lyall has conducted seminars across the USA, Canada and Australia, has been featured as an expert commentator on reputation and crisis management, and has dealt with media on every continent in the world (except Antarctica!). He has dealt with issues as diverse as industrial relations disputes, royal commissions, industry disruption, high court decisions, social media attacks and countless other issues that can impact clients.

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