Michelle Riddel

Vice President, Digital Communications, K-LOVE

Michelle Riddell

Michelle Riddell joined Educational Media Foundation in December 2009 and was responsible for the implementation of the digital strategies for K-LOVE and Air1 during the time when Facebook was breaking into the internet scene and Apple had just introduced the iPod Nano technology. She’s currently the Vice-President of Digital Communications and is a member of the ministry’s executive team. She oversees the teams responsible for serving the listeners 24/365, managing the website & app properties, handling the brands’ social media presence and producing multi-media assets. Under Michelle’s leadership, there are various initiatives underway to further extend the reach of K-LOVE and Air1 brands online. When working with her staff, she pays close attention to leadership development, cross-functional collaboration, building confidence in others, and team performance strategies.

Michelle’s professional background is in the high-tech industry with roles in information technology, supply chain management, marketing operations, and business development. In particular, over the last 20 years, she gained extensive experience with implementing B2C digital technology solutions. Michelle received her Bachelor of Science degree in Decision and Information Sciences at Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California) in 1995. In 2003, Michelle obtained her Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Technology Innovation from the Graduate School of Management at University of California (Davis, California). Her current educational interests include media & storytelling, communications, and co-active coaching.

Educational Media Foundation is well known in the United States for its two nationwide networks - Positive, Encouraging K-LOVE & Air1 Positive Hits. The FM radio coverage is across all 50 states with a combined total of 845 stations and translators. The ministries of K-LOVE and Air1 exist to effectively communicate the Gospel message to those who don’t know or fully understand it, through contemporary Christian music and short educational segments over radio, the internet, and other select targeted media. The Educational Media Foundation mission statement is “to create compelling media that inspires and encourages our listeners to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.”