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Global CEO/ International Team Leader, African Enterprise

Stephen Mbogo

Stephen Mbogo, Global CEO/ International Team Leader, African Enterprise Rev. Stephen Mbogo has a passion for godly, Biblical leadership and a heart to see Africa transformed through the salvation of its people and the sound governance of its leaders.

He was appointed African Enterprise's third Global CEO and International Team Leader in January, 2013, and since then has led with diligence and dedication.

Born in Eastern Kenya in 1967, Stephen came from a family that followed African traditional religions. However, God had a special plan for him and Stephen witnessed the transforming power of the Gospel in the lives of his parents and later, his grandparents. In high school he experienced that power himself when he surrendered his life to Christ and began a life-long journey of faith.

At Daystar University in Nairobi, Stephen got involved with missions to unreached groups in Kenya through the FOCUS/IFES Movement. After University, he decided to enter fulltime Christian service and joined African Enterprise in 1992, where he served for two years as Youth Coordinator, followed by six years as Missions Coordinator. In 2000, he was appointed Team Leader of AE Kenya, serving in that position for eight years before moving to Southern California to begin a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, where he focused on the values and motivations of leadership among politicians. In 2013 he completed that degree at Biola University, supplementing his Bachelor of Business Administration from Daystar University, and his Masters in Christian Ministries from Nairobi International School of Theology.

Stephen now lives in Nairobi with his wife, Rosemary and their two children, Victor and Joy. In recognition of his role in missions, Stephen and his wife Rosemary were ordained by their Evangelical denomination in 2001 and Rosemary has worked as a volunteer alongside her husband in AE's missions and as a Lecturer and Dean at the Africa International University, Kenya.

  • Member of the organising team for Kenyan Prayer Breakfast and initiator the Young Leaders events that run alongside it.
  • Been involved in the South Sudan reconciliation process since the mid-2000s and his PhD from Biola University was based on the reconciliation process there. He involved the church in seeking a good foundation for the referendum to take place and initiated the prayer breakfast movement in Juba and was there for the prayer breakfast last month.
  • Mr Mbogo and his wife Rosemary were ordained by their Evangelical denomination in 2001 as a recognition of their work.

His vision is to see a prayer breakfast movement started in every country on the African continent and to see the church established in every parliament (with prayer groups).

He is part of a weekly prayer group that meets in Karen, Nairobi at the Vice-President's residence.

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